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You are being monitored!
We can remove the spyware on your computer, fast and thorough!

Suspicious spouses and others can easily place secret software on your computer that lets you be 'spied' on.
Many types log every bit of Internet use you did, word for word. Your conversations are copied, every bit.
We can detect it and we can remove it.
If you suspect it, call or e-mail me from a device you don't suspect is monitored.

Los Angeles Private Investigator services:

   Employee Theft

   Relationship Cheating

   Criminal Defense

   Injury Claims


  Background Check Investigations

   Court Papers Delivery

      Voice Stress Analysis

   Workers' Compensation

   Locate Past Friends (restrictions)

   Security Video Equipment

   Workplace situations

   Insurance Fraud Investigations

   Phone Research

   Interviews and Statements
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